About me

I’m a computer engineer living in Sydney, Australia. I’m passionate about innovation and creative solutions for complex problems. Learning new subjects and crafting exciting content is what keeps me motivated. I’m a skilled researcher with more than five years of experience in the technology industry. In 2013, I finished my Ph.D. at COPPE/UFRJ, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, working with workflows and High-Performance Computing, supervised by professors Marta Mattoso and Patrick Valduriez.

Currently, I’m a data scientist at Evergen, working to make the world a better place with sustainable energy. In my leisure time, I’m working to become a novel writer, as writing is a hobby I learned to love.

Most of the time, I’m a technologist, sometimes a musician, other times a writer, but always a thinker.

If you want to know a little bit more about my research, please check my papers at DBLP Computer Science Bibliography or my curriculum lattes at CNPq. You may also check my profile at Google Scholar, LinkedIn or Research Gate.

2 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Bom dia José Leandro. Te aceitei lá no Facebook para conversarmos. Minha esposa tem um canal no YouTube sobre o processo de revalidação médica aqui. Sobre a questão do inglês, posso dar algumas dicas e links que usei para estudar para as provas.

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