I’m a data scientist living in Newcastle, Australia. I’m passionate about innovation and creative solutions to complex problems. Learning new subjects and crafting exciting content is what keeps me motivated. I work at Evergen, aspiring to make the world a better place with sustainable energy. I’m also investing in a personal endeavour to become a novel writer, as writing is a hobby I love.


Data Science

I have more than eight years of experience with large-scale data analytics, statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and optimisation for different industries such as information technology, transportation, banking, oil & gas, and energy.

High-Performance Computing

I have practical experience with job scheduling and parallel programming for large-scale computer systems such as HPC clusters and massively parallel databases. I used to run complex simulations and time-consuming data processing on such systems. I am familiar with most obstacles associated with scalability.

Research & Innovation

I’m a skilled researcher with more than eight years of experience in the technology industry. I have published several papers in well-known conferences and journals and more than 30 patents in the US Patent and Trademark office.


I continually practise my writing skills as I’m on a personal journey to become a novel writer. I have already published a few short fiction in Portuguese, my primary language. I’m also working on publishing in English.


Head of Data Science at Evergen

2020 – Present

I lead the data science team at Evergen. We are responsible for several optimisation algorithms designed for energy arbitrage and VPP management. Moreover, we are constantly improving our ML prediction models for various purposes.

Senior Researcher at COPPE

2011 – 2013

During my years as a doctorate student, I worked on projects in collaboration with the most significant Brazilian oil & gas company. I was responsible for developing workflow management systems to execute large-scale simulations in HPC clusters. I also worked with data visualisation on tiled-wall displays. Moreover, I supervised other students and conducted several presentations on different forums.

Consultant Data Scientist at Dell

2014 – 2020

I was one of the expert data scientists in the global P&O CTO at Dell Technologies. Recognised as a distinguished member of the technical staff, I led data science projects to enhance Dell’s portfolio with artificial intelligence. Moreover, I worked on data science projects for customers from different industries such as banking, oil & gas, and transportation.

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